Friday, January 20, 2012

Lake Effect Snow, it's unpredictable...

Another thing that I find just as unpredictable as Michigan's lake effect snow is how long each student needs to complete their artwork.  I accept my students will finish at different rates.  I do not want to discourage my students from taking their time, doing their very best work, and adding the little details and finishing touches I've taught them are so important.  Seeing them doing those very things in creating their art is rewarding and ensures me that they are listening, understanding, and trusting what I repeat over and over again.  What I am teaching them each week has greatly impacted their techniques and approach in art. 

There will always be the students that still tend to finish quickly though.  For the students who do finish first I have a drawing prompt written on the white board; typically the prompt is one word and is just meant to evoke their creativity.  It is enjoyable and always a pleasant surprise to see how my students interpret the word visually.

The prompt for the last two weeks was the word SNOW.

These are a few of the AMAZING works of art created by my loving speed demons.


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