Monday, December 3, 2012

Discovery: A new, fabulous art medium!


As an art teacher I am always experimenting with new material in hopes to find something that would be a great tool for my students. Mission accomplished! The product is Crayola Color Sticks.  They are colored pencils without the wood and constant need of re-sharpening with the beloved handheld pencil sharpeners! They offer vibrant color on any construction paper or drawing paper.  Their cost is higher then regular colored pencils of course but not having frustrated elementary students who can not seem to sharpen the colored pencils correctly is worth the price, in my opinion!

Above is a drawing that I created as an example for a special project I plan to do with a group of fifth graders who are studying white wolves.

I hope if you try color sticks with your students you find they love them as much as mine do!!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Rizzi City

Inspired by the late James Rizzi, and many popular art blogs, 3rd grade students created their own Rizzi City with Permanent Marker and Crayola Colored Markers.  Students drew the cityscape free hand and loved adding faces with the shapes of their building's windows.  They discussed the difference between a window's reflection during the day versus the night and using different colors depicted the realistic effect stylistically.  Students also loved not having to draw the perfect 5-point star for the night sky, and enjoyed adding smiles to their suns.  The cityscapes look great!