Friday, November 23, 2012

This Monster Needs a Haircut

This Monster Needs a Haircut written and illustrated by Bethany Barton is a comedic piece of children's literature that will grab your students' interest and offer them the opportunity to stretch their imagination and refine their skills in art at a young age (lower elementary).

I had my second grade students create monsters named Stewart (inspired by the main character in the children's book) or Susie (a female version of Stewart that I introduced through an example).
Many of my students mentioned to me that they loved their monsters and they could not believe that they created a monster that looks "as good" as the illustrations in the children's book.  It also made me smile when I heard them discussing how much they enjoyed styling their monster's hair. 

In the background students created spider web kingdoms which is referenced in the text. 

The finished pieces of art are unique, colorful, and humorous.  The best combination!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Up-Cycle Bowls

5th grade students used old magazines to create   Up-Cycle Bowls.  Students learned that art can be created with the simplest items that often people throw away once they have finished using. 
One of my most frequently asked questions now... "Ms. G, how could I up-cycle this?"