Thursday, January 12, 2012

The snow has arrived; Lets make a snowman!!

Snow has finally arrived in Michigan. 

I will say that it has been WONDERFUL to not have had to drive between schools on roads that are not plowed and extremely slippery.  It's beautiful to watch the snow fall from inside my classrooms, but carrying my "necessities" to and from each of my buildings is really difficult during the winter.  I say to myself once snow is accumulating that I need to drive safely and walk carefully; with the time I am given to commute however, I often find I risk my safety because if I do not, my students are the ones who suffer and that isn't something I will accept.  With snow now covering the ground thickly, I wish I had been more vocal with how concerned I am about how much time is needed to drive from one place to the next safely during winter, but I didn't, so I will continue to do what I have said in a past post, hold myself accountable to reaching the high standards I have for myself as an educator.

Now to share what I love.... The art of my students

This week I had my 1st Graders create snowmen and women.  Apparently, perfect timing.  Students used crayola construction paper crayons to create their snowmen/women with snow hats.  After they finished drawing their snowmen/women they created gloves that they colored and glued onto their drawings.  To finish their project students folded and glued white scrap paper strips to be arms for their snowmen/women.  The projects looked great and each was very unique.  The students did an incredible job of creating unique patterns with their color selections and use of shapes.  They are so creative and it is an amazing gift I'm given each day to be the one to watch and help them grow as artists.


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