Saturday, March 17, 2012

Children's Book Illustartor and Artist: E.B. Lewis

                   E. B. LEWIS

For March is Reading Month one of my elementary schools arranged E.B. Lewis (Multi-award winning African American Illustrator and Artist) visit and speak with the students; Lewis shared stories of past struggles during his childhood, specifically as a student, and how he became an award winning illustrator of children's books. 

Lewis was very inspirational, empowering the students to believe in themselves and that if they want to be successful they will be successful.  He told them that the future is today.  It's been weeks since his visit, and I still hear students each day mention advice Mr. Lewis gave when he visited.  Hearing a student repeat, "Remember Mr. Lewis said the future is today, not tomorrow," warms my heart. 

I am so thankful for the wonderful opportunity of having E.B. Lewis motivate my students and contribute to building the confidence they have in themselves.  Every week I spend several minutes at the beginning of each class reminding my students they are talented artists, and how beautiful I think their masterpieces are.  I will never stop reminding them of these things every week, but  I understand after hearing those words from the same person over and over again, the words slowly lose their impact.  It was truly a blessing to welcome Mr. Lewis into the lives of the students I love so much, and have him remind the kids to dream big and have confidence in themselves.

E.B. Lewis has made a lasting impression on the minds and hearts of my students, it is easy for me to see inside of my artroom day after day, and its a special memory that I will not forget either.


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