Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weaving [[]]=[[]]=[[]]=[[]]=[[]]

My students have always loved weaving projects.  I've seen multiple art blogs share examples of projects that used a wire hanger as it's base because it already has a well formed hook to hang the finished work of art for presentation.  This is a photo of a weaving project that was created by a 5th grade student with multicolored yarn.  The lesson is great because no matter how large or small the diameter of the circle each student's work looks amazing once the yarn is wrapped around the rim and unused space inside the frame of the hanger. 



  1. You are right about the idea that the weaving can be any size in the center. Your student's example looks great with the loose webbing near the wire frame. I like the way you made the woven pattern with keyboard symbols in your title for this post!

  2. A really nice fibre art piece, and successful for everyone! I hope it's OK if I pin it for future use... please let me know at if not!