Wednesday, June 13, 2012

EEE! It's a One Eyed, Blue Hair Felt Monster!

The felt monster project allows students to learn how to sew and stitch with yarn and embroidery thread while constructing their own unique stuffed creatures.  The project is time consuming and can be frustrating; the students have to anticipate how their pieces of felt can be stitched together best.  I suggested to many of my students that they take the time to really work out on paper how they want to create their monster form before they begin to cut and sew.  Once the students began working on their monsters many of them found they loved to add beads while they were stitching their separate pieces of felt together.  Personally, I love how the colored yarn and embroidery thread emphasis the hand sewn stitching.  One student commented that seeing the stitching made him more proud of his work because he knew just how much time it took to sew each piece of felt on his monster; another student commented that the stitching was like a textured pencil line.  (Hearing these comments made me smile )  All my students did an amazing job!!  And this One Eyed, Blue Hair creature was given to me as a gift.  How could I say no?


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