Thursday, December 22, 2011

The weather in Michigan the last few months has been mild and beautiful.  We still are sitting at above average temperatures on a daily basis.  There isn't anything that beats spending time outdoors; from walking along Lake Michigan, to maintaining yard work, I have found a great deal of energy and inspiration from the natural beauty I'm surrounded by.  Having the ability to pull resources from nature to inspire works of art has always impacted my approach of teaching.  Connecting what is happening outdoors with my art lessons often brings fresh thoughts and comfort from my students.  Their fundamental inferences can grow with classroom discussion and guided art instructions while still allowing the students to define the ending.

Here are a group of art lessons my students have developed over the last few months:
Inspirational Credit: Multiple Art Blogs
1st Grade - Tempera Paint, Black Oil Pastel
Lesson Objectives: Practice Manipulating Project Materials, Perspective, Positive/Negative Space, Line 

Inspirational Credit: Multiple Art Blogs, Dali and the Path of Dreams by Anna Obiolis
2nd Grade - Sharpie Marker, Crayola Marker, Pencil
Lesson Objectives: Contour Lines, Repetition, Creativity, Line, Shapes, Composition

Still Life Drawing
3rd Grade - Black Acrylic Paint mixed with Glue, Pastels
Lesson Objectives: Practice Manipulating Project Materials, Composition, Proportion, Color Theory

Fall Landscape Collage
4th Grade - Magazine Collage, Glue, Scissors, Gloss
Lesson Objectives: Unity, Color Theory, Depth, Motor Skills

Inspirational Credit: Cedar Creek El.
5th Grade - Sharpie Marker, Crayola Marker, Pencil
Lesson Objectives: Positive/Negative Space, Pattern, Repetition, Color Theory


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